Radio frequency (RF) is the magnetic frequency which  radiate into space electro, range between 300KHz ~ 300GHz. It is a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic change.

Infrared(IR) is an infrared short, it is an electromagnetic wave. It can transmit data wirelessly. Since 1800 it has been used to  common applications, such as infrared mouse, infrared printer, infrared keyboard, and so on.

However,  infrared technology products are directional, the transmitter must be aligned to the receiver and no intervening barrier. Distance is generally not more than 7 meters, immune to electromagnetic interference, the advantages of infrared products is the low product cost.

IR Features:

Infrared communications technology suitable for low-cost, cross-platform, high-speed data connection point, especially in embedded systems. The main application of infrared technology: Internetequipment, network gateway device after the information exchange can becompleted within a different device files and information. Information gateway is responsible for connecting information terminals and the Internet. The main object of the Infrared Data Association is to replace cable connections for wireless data transmission, but have sole function and poor scalability.

                                                          Infrared Camera


IR Application
Infrared camera, IR High Speed ​​Dome,Infrared lights,Infrared oven, Infrared Night Vision ,the Infrared laser and so on


RF Features

Radio frequency technology products are used radio waves to transmit control signals, no direction, no need to control  by "face to face",  can control up to tens of meters. Between the transmitter and the receiver can act as a shield as long as no metal barrier, it can be used normally. RF technology product cost is usually higher, but its non-directional, easier to use, so more welcomed by the users. Connaught is a wireless presenter series, most are used in radio frequency technology.


RF Medical  Application

RF fat melting treatment using RF break down fat cells by heating. Metabolized by the liver and excreted.  melting fat to achieve weight loss goals. At the same time, it will warm up the skin deep dermis collagen, make it tightly packed, to achieve the firming effect. After treatment, the removal of excess fat, exquisite curves do now. 

RF fat melting treatment  Advantage

1.Significant effect    To overcome the greatest difficulties and traditional laser photons - penetration depth is not enough obstacles is the ideal technology for heating fat cells, it is possible to lose weight fast body sculpting.

2.Safe and reliable   RF ring electrode system using patented technology to ensure the  RF field distribution is very uniform, to avoid the risk of hot spots in the heating zone and cause skin burns, to ensure easy and safe treatment.

3.Convenient    Easy to operate

 Zeny 5-1 Cavitation Multipolar RF Fat Removal Cellulite machine


Also it can remove wrinkles  -- RF treatment for wrinkles

It is a non-invasive treatment, one of the safest and most effective method to remove wrinkle. 

RF wrinkle principle  RF waves penetrate epidermal basal melanocytes barrier to the dermal layer of collagen fibers heated to 55 ℃ -65 ℃, the collagen fibers contract, so that the loose skin wrinkles are stretched, so as to achieve the purpose of removing wrinkles.

RF wrinkle Features

Efficient, experiments show that RF can effectively stimulate collagen wrinkle restructuring, firm skin, reduce wrinkles, higher satisfaction with treatment.

Security, RF wrinkle system to protect the epidermis, that is safe and effective to achieve satisfactory results, higher than other non-invasive treatment safety. In addition, there is no recovery period, the patient can resume daily routine immediately after treatment, eliminating the need for additional precautions necessary after treatment.

Persistent, after treatment, due to the nascent collagen continues continue to produce, every day there will be improvement in the skin. And it will reach in about 4-6 months more significant and satisfactory results.