Recent research has shown that people who sit at a computer desk often start thinking about health problems and finding better solutions, including a vertical computer desk. Obviously, sitting can lead to a variety of problems such as posture, heart disease, colon cancer, and sub-health. People need a better way to stay healthy.

Adjustable standing desk can let you use you laptop by standing.just adjust the height and it will becomes a standing desk.

We have a test about this standing desk for three weeks.

In the first week,

first day ,we try this .After sitting, the body clearly needs some time to adapt to, about 20 minutes later, thigh, calf and back will feel fatigue, to some extent to let a person cannot focus on work. In the end, the editor gave up just one hour after the first attempt.the next day, the editor tried to stand and play, obviously more easily than the work, and a few hours passed easily in the game. Also, use a 27-inch 2560 x 1440 resolution display to get a better reading effect. By the end of the first week, the editor had been able to stand for several hours a day using the computer.

The second week.

Working days after the start of the second week, the editor in using standup desk at least two hours a day, the body is the obvious change on the back and leg discomfort has been significantly reduced, the body begins to adapt to stand office form.

By the third week,

the body had begun to form a habit of standing comfortably for more than two hours without the feeling of sitting down. However, the shortcomings of the Varidesk Pro computer desk itself are starting to show up, such as the use of wired keyboards and mice. While it's easy to stand for a few hours, it seems that standing office isn't enough. You still need to walk for 20 minutes to relieve the discomfort of a fixed position. But in general, standing desks are not meaningless, but they don't solve everything.