Shading, meditation, meditatively and improving the sleep environment can help you sleep better, however for pregnant woman , this is not enough. A comfortable bed and a Suitable pillow is needed.

Special pillow for pregnant woman, as we called pregnant pillow, is different from the common pillow, which is used for the abdomen and feet, to help pregnant women staying on the left side keep sleeping comfort posture as the doctors suggested.

Many expectant mother will have such questions, “pregnant women pillow is just a combination of multiple pillows "big pillow" thing”, can we  use several common pillow instead of pregnant pillow?” Of course, the answer is YES, you need as least 3 pillows to keep your head , abdomen and feet comfortable. You may image it, the whole bed is yours.

                           Use as a common pillow

                          Use while pregnant 

 Let’s take a look at the Pregnant pillow, which is designed specifically for pregnant woman. The special design  can reduce the press of the abdomen, waist and legs by  support them, it can also ease the pressure of various parts of the body to reduce the uterus gradually become larger due to back pain and discomfort . This design is a special gift for pregnant women.

As the uterus gradually increased, the pressure on the lumbar vertebrae is also growing. They often back pain phenomenon. And gradually increase the abdomen also prone to a sense of falling while sleep on the left side, really uncomfortable.  A full range of support pillow  for pregnant women to support their body is necessary, it can fill the gap between the body and the bed, so that the mother's whole body are surrounded.

Also the waist design of pregnant pillow can be adjusted to meet the different requirements of pregnant women with different waist circumference. While the average height of the pillow is fixed, not  too high or too low

General advice to pregnant women using the left sleeping position, because the left lateral decubitus ulcer can make the right hand to the left of the uterus, the left lateral decubitus ulcer to reduce the uterus of the uterus on the aorta, iliac artery compression, to maintain normal tension to ensure that Placental blood perfusion, so that less prone to lower extremity edema, lower limb varicose veins and fetal dysplasia and other diseases.

Doctors recommend pregnant mothers to sleep on the left side of the posture, but also to ensure that the legs twist.

In early pregnancy, because the baby is not great, what kind of sleeping position to be taken by mothers will not have much impact. But from the beginning of the second trimester, the size and weight of the uterus had a significant change in the uterus and the surrounding organs, the location of blood vessels have undergone subtle changes. At this time, the mother's sleeping position is likely to directly affect the blood flow to the uterus, the baby will not have a correct sleeping position have a series of adverse effects. Therefore, during pregnancy, the mother to keep the left sleeping position is necessary.

Many pregnant women during pregnancy, especially late pregnancy quality of sleep are relatively poor, plus to maintain the left sleeping position, do need to rely on a certain auxiliary sleep tools.

Mother 's stomach day by day, and sleep is more and more inconvenient. In general, doctors will recommend pregnant women sleeping on the left side of the posture, can reduce the abnormal fetal position delivery, but also reduce the probability of preterm birth, to avoid oppression of the uterus on the kidneys. When fetal development retardation occurs, the left side of sleeping position can also play a therapeutic effect. But many mothers reflect, left sleep still can not solve the symptoms of back pain, this time a suitable pillow of pregnant women is very important.  You may try the U shape pregnant women cotton pillow , also if you are good at handwork, you can make one yourself with cotton cloth and 6+ pounds pearl cotton, below is a pregnant blueprint for your reference. 

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