Before summer, we usually buy some son shade and we will install them.while there is often a lot of confusion in our installation.

1.Embedded installation

(1).The protective film on the PC board will affect the adhesion of the seal, so the protective film should be removed before the PC is embedded. 5 -- 10 mm.

(2).When the PC plate is embedded, the appropriate amount of embedding and expansion space should be provided. If the embedded volume is too small, the PC board may fall off due to wind pressure or other pressure. If the expansion space is not enough, the PC board may also be caused by the expansion of the stress, resulting in damage.

2.Screw installation method

(1).The spacing of screws can be properly configured according to the thickness of the plate. The spacing is too small and too large. If the spacing is too small, sometimes the stress caused by too tight will cause damage. If the spacing is too large, the PC board may be unstable. The following spacing is recommended for this purpose; A, thickness of 3.0 mm below, spacing of 10 ~ 20 CMB, thickness more than 3.0 mm, spacing of 20 ~ 30 fixed, CMC, if the layering spacing for 20 ~ 30 cm note: PC board, such as fixed directly with tapping screw, the greater the screw spacing, sheet is not easy to damage due to stress.

(2).The size of the screw hole should be considered the difference between PC board summer and winter day and day and night heat expansion and shrinkage. Generally speaking, the screw aperture should be 2~4 m m larger than the diameter of the screw to reserve expansion space.

(3).The position of the screw hole is too close to the edge of the PC board, and it is very easy to cause the broken plate. In general, the position of the screw hole is at least 2.5 times the diameter of the screw hole at the edge of the PC board. For example, the screw with 4 m m diameter shall be at least 1c m above the edge of the PC board. 

(4)Do not lock the screws too tight, or deformation, and lead to stress.

(5).The screws that are locked on the PC board are best not to use the self-tapping screw, otherwise the stress will be produced, and the stress will increase with the thickness of the plate.

(6)In order to reduce the direct pressure of the screw to the plate, the gasket can be filled with gaskets, but the PVC gasket and some rubber gaskets will damage the PC board and are not available. It is recommended to use gasket materials for epdm, silicone rubber and neoprene rubber.