As for Marriage, we all hope it can be Happiness unforgettable  and special . So we will try our best to make some special items, such as DIY the invitations, bedding decoration , tea tableware, home and clothing. Great zeny heat press machine will help Make your special wedding.

Heat Press machine transfer pictures or design in cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics by heat transfer , but also for screen printing, mortar, foam and other heat treatment process, also the color color standard, portrait photos, Landscape patterns baked in the porcelain plate, metal plate, especially for the production of medals, commemorative card, cultural shirt, etc.. Economical and practical, exquisite designs. It is to replace the traditional embroidery and screen printing, and cost and effect is much lower than and better than the general embroidery and multi-color screen printing.


Heat Press machine has three concepts, namely pressure, temperature, time.

Very easy to use. Through the heating plate heat, with a certain pressure, a specific temperature and time, the transfer paper on the layer and the heat-fixed to the substrate or penetrate the substrate to the top.

Pull the handle straight down so that the heater plate is fully open. Plug in the power, turn on the power switch, the temperature adjustment, the temperature reaches the set value can operate.

1, Pull up pressure handle Directly, so that the heating plate completely open. Plug in the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is bright; Note: Because the machine power is high, the whole machine must have the reliable solid ground protection

2,Temperature adjustment: Press "+" or "-" key to set the temperature, press "+" key to increase the temperature setting value, press "-" key to lower the temperature setting value.

3, adjust the left timer knob, transferred to the appropriate time to 10 seconds (depending on the length of time may be different materials);

4, when the temperature reaches the set value, the machine will automatically enter the constant temperature state;

5, the transfer material such as clothes and flat on the printing platform, and then stacked to transfer the image, the pressure handle under pressure; Note: pressure is not too large, otherwise it will cause the pressure handle deformation! The pressure should be adjusted beforehand.

6, while the time to the buzzer ring, then the pressure handle on the mention, remove the transfer material, such as clothes, tear off the end of paper.

7, baking sheet metal temperature is generally 170-200 ℃, time in 20-40 seconds; baking porcelain plate temperature is generally 200-220 ℃, time in 120-150 seconds; baking the fabric temperature is generally 120-140 ℃, Time in 5-10 seconds.