In traditional oil fryer,there are so many calories when cooking your chips ,cake, chicken, steak, fish, you can use a new device and it will gives you a new cooking style which no longer need oil and it also cooks your favorite snakes.and gives you a healthier life style.the new cook devise is air fryer.

The air fryer forces the air to flow, making the heating process faster and heating the food evenly. And it's almost non oil, it's healthier, and it's also very tasty.Taste, the thing that fried out by using air fryer is crispy.Meanwhile,It is small in size, and it will not takes a lot of space in you room.

Compare to traditional fryer pan,it only takes about a third of the time to make your foods , which is usually 10 to 15 minutes.

The difference between air fryer and oven.

1.The air fryer spends less time than oven in cooking foods.when we cook chips.we usually takes 15 minutes by using air fryer while oven spends almost 30 minutes.and air fryer makes food crisp and in the shape ,it looks better.


2.air fryer can cook more types of food.such as crispy fried chicken, steak, French fries, pizza can cook some limited food like cake ,bread,biscuit and vegetables ,chicken.Because air fryer's space is smaller than oven and portable so it can cook more.

In summary,the daily operation of the oven is more complicated than the air fryer, which is suitable for people who like to bake. For simple and fast and small fry cooking, the air fryer should be more suitable.